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A community dedicated to the Broadway musical Next to Normal, as well as its cast and creators.
Let there be light... Welcome to 50 Thousand Volts, a community for Next to Normal, a musical currently playing on Broadway at the Booth Theatre. You can find information about the show, as well as video and audio clips, at the official website.

There is some information on Feeling Electric (the workshop version of Next to Normal) here, along with some audio clips from songs in the show. A full plot synopsis and more information can be found at the Wikipedia article for Feeling Electric. Lyrics can be found in the memories.

Please do not discuss bootleg recordings in public posts on this community.

A great community that rounds up theatre related articles from various websites.

Have a community related to Next to Normal or its cast/creators and want to affiliate with us? Email us at Longshadowsfalling@gmail.com and let us know!